D. Salinger were ravaged of the real globe, and then he has actually discovered themselves entrapped and should die

D. Salinger were ravaged of the real globe, and then he has actually discovered themselves entrapped and should die

His figurative fatness might well getting several other man’s actual leanness

/. Whenever we observe Muriel, from the beginning of your own facts, discovering an article titled “Sex Are Fun – otherwise Hell” (rather than the poetry out-of Rilke, such as for example, and this Seymour features demanded), we arrive at feel you to on the Cups intercourse should be hell: Seymour’s surfeit is for Muriel a form of abstention. When Seymour departs Sybil, the guy kisses the brand new arch out-of her ft; shortly after, to your elevator, he angrily accuses a woman away from coming a look at their foot. So it keen sensitivity regarding the base epitomizes Seymour’s thinking toward the latest bodily. The fresh kiss to own your stands for symbolically new oversupply of every amount out of bananas; a peek (or noticeable glance) of a stranger at that sexual and sensitive and painful real embodiment from the brand new notice gets most incredibly dull, very painful one went on real lifestyle are unendurable. When he walks into bedroom, the sole sense medical ‘s the sense of smell: he or she is weighed down from the scent of “the brand new calfskin luggage and you may complete-lacquer cleaner.” Actually at the bottom, their senses are still glutted. Seymour Glass are able to see so much more (when you look at the trees, for instance) as the he’s got started initially to vomit up the apple off reasoning, and also, such as Teddy, an effective magnified religious awareness. Every bodily reality was an online spiritual network. However, unfortuitously, those people about him normally consider just out-of their “maladjustment” with his possible “cure” owing to psychoanalysis (precisely the matter, centered on Zooey after, one to precipitated this new committing suicide). Since it is mundane having Seymour observe some one mean so you can your pet dog, however perhaps not destroy themselves to harm Muriel. On the contrary, his committing suicide try a production for her to activate existence once again at a rate she will apprehend, and a production for themselves regarding good physicality that only ceased becoming endurable. It is the just escape from his bananahole. After Nine Rocks, green singles prijs Salinger’s imagination appears to have been totally immersed from the Cup family; along with spite off Seymour’s 31

She concerns throughout the manager’s office, she concurs from inside the Lane’s arrangements having a peaceful afternoon out-of other people, so when she actually is leftover by yourself at the end the lady mouth was swinging that have good repetition of the Jesus prayer

suicide, the guy stays a dominant exposure while in the. Although “Franny” and you may “Zooey” was in fact published as the a couple independent tales from the The newest Yorker, they make a remarkably harmonious novel. Franny, youngest of your own Glasses’ seven people, goes toward go to the lady college boyfriend, Lane Coutell, from the his Ivy League college, where the agreements require food at expensive local cafe, attendance within recreations game, and you can a standard blast (there are numerous ideas they are resting along with her). But over martinis, once the Lane talks about the success of one of is own documentation with the Flaubert’s testicularity (a good Freudian study he might just be sure to upload), and also as Franny discusses her disillusionment with this lady professors, that pedants and you may phonies, she unexpectedly excuses herself, visits the latest ladies space, and provide treatment for an unlawful complement of moving and you can rips. When she production, Way notices the small pea-environmentally friendly publication inside her bag, and you will she actually starts to speak about they – Ways of a good Pilgrim – and a type of prayer necessary on it, associated with an endless repetition of the God prayer – “Lord Goodness Christ, has compassion on myself.” As the Franny tries to determine the prayer is supposed to really works, Way conveys their skepticism (“. . . these spiritual enjoy has actually a very noticeable mental record”), and you will Franny is swept up once more inside the a wave from disease, now passing out throughout the eatery. The new narration changes of third to basic person in “Zooey,” nevertheless narrator, Friend Cup, introduces himself merely to disappear trailing the 3rd individual once more in the near future just after. The view shifts into the Glass family flat within the Nyc, where mom Bessie plus the sixth of your 7 Cup people, a tv star, Zooey, try ministering with the need from Franny, now family and you will languishing towards home sofa. Discover three major views, all the home-based, from inside the “Zooey.” The initial happens in your family restroom, where 31

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