Message from the New National Coordinator (NC)

Edition: W0001                                                                                                       24  Shawwal 1443 / March 26 2022

The National Coordinator ‘AbdulGaniu Adelopo PhD.’ welcomes you all to this administration, He commends all TYMa workers for your commitment and dedication towards the work of Allah, May Allah accept it from us all as an act of ibadah ‘Aamin’.

Dr. Adelopo enjoins for continuous cooperation of all TYMa workers across the various hierarchy for a much more effective implementation of our programmes and projects. He apologizes for the late dissemination of this year’s Ramadhan activities which was due to unforeseen circumstances, and extends his prayers for Ramadhan.

The NC uses this medium to appeal to parents to continue to support TYMa in actualizing her projects and programmes. Very soon, we shall launch a general bulleting for parents and members. He appreciates your sacrifice and prays that Allah (SWT) will elevate both parents, children, and workers of TYMa beyond our expectation in this life and the hereafter ‘Aamin’.

The NC also appeals to all to feel free to send feedbacks and advices via email to tymanigeria@gmail.com or via mobile to 0805 808 8865.

Ramadhan Activities

The National Executive Council hereby wishes to express our appreciation to all TYMa workers for our patience to roll out activities for our members and all children for the glorious month of Ramadhan. Zones are expected to develop and localize programmes in line with the activities below;

Reading material – The following books are recommended reading text for the following age categories “My Soul” by Dr. Zafaran Adeniyi for 7-14 years, and “30 Days with My Soul (series 1)” by Dr. Zafaran Adeniyi for 14 years and above.

Flash card – A three pages Ramadhan activity flash card will be made available for printing for all ward(s) to organize some rewarding deeds. Kindly print it, encourage parents to print it, cut out activities, and encourage ward(s) drop each in the Ramadhan activity basket as each activity is achieved.

Chart – a simplified Ramadhan activity chart will be made available from printing. This will help ward(s) track daily rewarding activities without compromising other engagements during this month.

Other Ramadhan Programmes – These could include visitations, group activities e.t.c. The visitation could be to statesmen, captains of industries and notable persons e.t.c.

Ramadan Video – We use this medium to announce a series of Ramadhan video snippets. Children are expected to do a short video using either following statements and instructions.

After the tasleem;

a1)       My name is XXXXX XXXX, I wish you Ramadhan Mubarak from City, Country

a2)       My name is XXXXX XXXX, I am wishing all Muslims ‘Ramadhan Kareem’ from City, Country

a3)       My name is XXXXX XXXX, I wish everyone Ramadhan Mubarak from City, Country

a4)       My name is XXXXX XXXX, I wish all of humanity Ramadhan Kareem from City, Country

a5)       The Prophet (PBUH) said on sighting the new moon, we should say this prayer “XXXXXXX”

b1)       Don’t forget to say this prayer HHHHHHHHHHHH as encouraged by the prophet when you want to break your fast.

B2)      Don’t forget to say this prayer to other when they provide for you to break your fast UUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Activities in category ‘a’ ends by 9am on the first day of Ramadhan, activities in category ‘b’ starts after ‘a’ ends, and ends on the 3rd day of Ramadhan. B1 and b2 prayers should be read in English and Arabic.

All wards are expected to be neatly dressed, cloth ironed, and use a presentable background for the video.

All videos are expected to be shot in from of a landmark e.g. a very popular monument, building, court house, museum. Shooting a video in a colourful, and well arranged garden is only acceptable where there is no landmark.

All short videos are to be uploaded by either participants, their parents, or TYMa workers (with the consent of their parents) on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hash tags #TYMaNig #RamadhanKareem #RamadanKareem. You can mention @TYMaNig on these social media channels as well. All posts that adhere to this guidelines will get and imprint from our handles.

Our Channels

We are glad to inform you that we will try to revive all our social media channels soonest. We urge all workers, parents, and participants to like, tweet, retweet that daily posts posted on our social media channels in Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Kareem in advance.

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