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Having realized the great essence of childhood and the imminent challenges ahead of Muslims, we are determined to lay a solid foundation and salvage the future of our children. Therefore, โ€˜The Young Muslim associationโ€™ (TYMa) shall be a Faith-Based Non-Governmental Organisation whose activities shall further the above stated understanding.

To be a Platform Producing Vibrant Future Muslim Ambassadors.

By developing children’s knowledge, skill and moral values through comprehensive and regular training within the realm of competent personnel using modern skills and technology thereby contributing positively to human development…READ MORE>>>

The Young Muslim (TYM) is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit making organization dedicated to the continuous development of children’s education and training with a view to achieving the following objectives…READ MORE>>>

The Young Muslim shall have the following as means of achieving her objectives: Organizing Arabic and Quranic memorisation class. Initiating Reading Club, Taekwando Club, Safety Club and other Uniform Clubs….READ MORE>>>

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We adopt continuous training as a viable means of achieving good moral and educational standards for our children.


We organize regular sporting activities and competitions across all our training centers.


We believe in the impact of excursions on the metal development and social exposure of children.

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