TYMa 1441A.H (2020) Ramadan Programme

As-salam alaykum,
Please, find below 2020 Ramadan programme intended for our members at the respective TC. Please, ensure the programme are implemented as child-centered activities.


  • To prepare our members for a meritorious welcoming of the month of Ramadan
  • To facilitate adequate education on maximizing the benefit of Ramadan 
  • To provide practical avenues for execution of Ramadan lofty acts


  • Organize pre-Ramadan talk for our members, online sermon posted on each TC platform.   
  • Memorize and recite the du’a in expectation of Ramadan voice and written send on the platform.
  • Welcoming Ramadan with home decoration & other art works.:

Useful guide:

  • Encourage members to design and make art works for Ramadan
  • Maintenance of healthy feeding and exercise for Ramadan as sent by the Sports and Clubs Departments.
  • Carry out medical check up to ensure a healthy well-being during Ramadan (if lockdown is lifted)
  • Keep awake to search for the new moon of Ramadan

Memorize and recite the prayer for sighting the new moon

  • Quran (tilawah) – at least one Qur’an- for gold & silver
  • Reflection- Suratul  Nuh (Q71) – for gold & silver
  • Iftar sohim- at least one (if lockdown is lifted)
  • Ziyaratul solihin – at least one via Zoom to enhance social distance
  • Book reading- ” The Thinking Child” – by Dr. Zafaran adeniyi for silver & gold.
  • Qur’an project- Online TC for the project. Schedule is as follows:

·         Ablution

·         Kalimatul Imaniyyah

·         Group Tahfiz

·          Duha Break

·         Individual Tilawah

·         Group Tadabbur

·         Tafsir- With Audio Visuals

·         Salatul Tesbih

·         Presentation of Gifts

·         Salatul Zhur/ Closure

Quran competition – if lockdown is lifted
Bronze – Suratul Nas – Mulk 
Silver – Suratul Nas – Ahqof 
Gold – Suratul Nas – Khaf

Tv/radio program – encouraged

Eid-il fitr get-together

Ramadan chart- see attachment.

*parents/guardian should sign the chart analysis. This may aid monitoring and evaluation on weekly basis

Let bronze do paintings on Family working together and short quiz – reward excellent performances. Please use the link below

*please be security conscious

*involve the parents

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  1. This is a good effort by the department, barakallah fihii. May Allah accept it as an act of ibadah.

  2. This is a laudable events and improvement to the life of this Organisation especially during lock-down from COVID-19, Oh! Allah protect us and safe us from this pandemic. AMIN

  3. Is the Quran competition reading or memorisation?

    How will the Quran project be done. Via zoom or what. Some of us don’t have that …
    It is a laudable efforts, may Almighty reward all.

  4. I really appreciate the National for this, it is really educating and child base.
    weldone and jazakumullah khayran.

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